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Is it late?  Are you craving something nummy num nums??  BEHOLD!!! Something nummy yet light yet healthy yet satisfying:::: plain rice cake, natural peanut butter, fruit preserves, brilliance.

Don’t know if ya’ll know this, cuz I sure didn’t until about a week ago but microfiber apparently works amazingly at dusting and cleaning shiz!  So, at the dollar tree (cuz everything is at the dollar tree), I found a microfiber mitt in the auto section and another microfiber towel in the cleaning section.  This mitt is LEGIIITTTT….the people were right, the people whose websites came up on my google results when I googled “How to Dust” were right when they said, “MICROFIBER RULES THE CLEANING WOOORRLLDDD!!!!!!”  Cuz you know what? Microfiber rules my cleaning world now and I wouldn’t have it any other way at this point so, yeah get yo self one or two…in fact, get yo self microfiber in mitt-form because who doesn’t like to have their cleaning tools attached to their body with a thin piece of elastic?? 

Friday nights are “Glo-Night” at the Piskura home…or at least within the vicinity of the bath area in our home…yeah so we have some glow-in-the-dark “under the sea” decals on the shower wall and a batch of glow sticks all purchased at my favorite place to drop major dough, the dollar tree ;-D  Marky is super fascinated by the glow sticks, as am I…I mean, who hasn’t gotten themselves into a comfortable stare while looking at a glow stick and went into a sort of trance like state….I suppose this is why they’re such a hit at drug induced raves :-D  Hmmmm, I shall now refer to Friday nights as “Fun Induced Raves” YEAAAAYAAAHHHH!!!

Sugar-free jello and pudding raspberry cheesecake!  For this I just used one premade graham cracker crust, 1 small pack of sugar-free raspberry jello and 1 small pack of sugar-free cheesecake pudding.  Used about 2/3rds the amount of water called for in the jello instructions and 2/3rds the amount of milk called for in the pudding instructions.  This makes the flavors much more KA-POW!!!!!  After jello sets, stir the crap out of it to make it chunky instead of one solid mass, spoon the pudding into the crust, spread jello chunkys all over pudding and VOILA! A really artificial version of raspberry cheesecake ;-D  So it’s not as decadent as the real thing but it’s almost completely void of sugar and is easy enough to make, good little sweet fix when you’re trying to cut back on the cals!

Attached magnets to our toothbrushes and flossers! Now they stay neatly organized on our medicine cabinet door :-D

Magnetic dry-erase weekly and monthly calenders from the dollar tree! To-do list pad from Michaels for a buck and I’ve also attached magnets to a dry erase marker and pen!

Magnetic dry-erase weekly and monthly calenders from the dollar tree! To-do list pad from Michaels for a buck and I’ve also attached magnets to a dry erase marker and pen!

“Those who most harshly judge others are the ones who most harshly judge themselves”
— Jenni Piskura
“The knowledge is within you; it was there at birth and stayed with you through much of your childhood. If you fear you have lost it, turn that fear around. Think of it as knowledge that went underground for a while.”
— John Perkins
“When you live your life with love, everything you do becomes a ritual of love.”
— don Miguel Ruiz
“We say, “I love to do this or that but I’m not very good at it.”
Instead say, “I love to do this or that but I’m not very good at it yet.””
— Jenni Piskura
“Become at ease with the state of ‘not knowing.’ This takes you beyond mind because the mind is always trying to conclude and interpret. It is afraid of not knowing. So, when you can be at ease with not knowing, you have already gone beyond the mind.”
— Eckhart Tolle
“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
— Wayne Dyer
Are Homeschooled Kids Socially Awkward and Academically Stunted?

I’ve pretty much always held the assumption that public or private school is superior to homeschooling.  Not based on any kind of facts or personal experience, it just seemed logical to me that any old parent couldn’t be qualified to give a child all of the proper education that they would otherwise receive from trained professionals at facilities designated for learning.  Even when having conversations with others about it I almost boasted about how I would never keep my kids from experiencing a “normal” childhood and being able to play and grow with other children their own age.  It seemed so obvious that homeschooled kids must be less capable of having “normal” social skills and that they would miss out on important activities and events that often come with going to public school.  So, as ashamed as I am to admit it, I was pretty biased and somewhat prejudice.  The strange thing is though that I’ve known a few homeschooled kids in my lifetime and they were all really bright, outgoing, down-to-earth people with a good head on their shoulders.  That should’ve been enough to at least make me question my opinions on the subject but it wasn’t until I got into the chapter in my Sociology book about education that I came across some surprising information about homeschooling and my mind was completely blown.  Now, after being presented with the evidence, I have to say I am a reformed thinker on the matter and am starting to consider homeschooling my own kids.  Maybe not all the way through high school but at least through the elementary years.  Here are just a few reasons why:

"On the average, homeschooled students are involved in 5.2 activities outside the home, with 98% engaged in two or more."  Meaning that any myths about homeschooled kids being locked up in their homes all day without any social interaction have been busted!

"…homeschooled children are more frequently exposed to a wider variety of people and situations than could be expected in a traditional classroom environment where their exposure is limited to 25-35 people of similar age and socioeconomic background…because homeschooled students are not peer-grouped in school, they learn to get along with a variety of people, making them socially mature and able to adjust to new situations."

In a nationwide study measuring the central core of personality in homeschooled kids grades 4-12, the results indicated that “these particular homeschooled students have a higher and more positive self-concept than the public school students.”  Other studies have found that “homeschoolers’ academic self-concept was above the national average,” and that “homeschooled students were significantly better socialized and more mature than their public school counterparts.”

When studying self-esteem in adolescent girls, researchers found that, “unlike their public school counterparts, homeschooled girls did not typically lose confidence in themselves when their ideas and opinions were not embraced by their peers.”

"…studies show that [home schoolers] even have fewer behavior problems than children who attend conventional schools."

"…researchers tested 21,000 home schoolers across the nation.  The results were astounding.  The median scores for every test at every grade were in the 70th to 80th percentiles.  The home schoolers outscored students in both public and Catholic schools."

"Home schoolers receive an intense, one-on-one education.  Their curriculum - although it includes the subjects that are required by the state - is designed around the student’s interests and needs."

When admission officers from 55 four-year universities from all over the country were surveyed, “56% of [them] expected homeschool graduates to be as successful as traditional high school graduates, and nearly 22% expected them to be more successful.”

"…only 4.2% of homeschool graduates consider politics and goverment too complicated to understand, compared to 35% of U.S. adults."

"76% of homeschool graduates surveyed between the ages of 18 and 24 voted in a national or state election within the last five years, compared to only 29% of the relevent U.S. population."

"None (homeschool graduates) were unemployed or on welfare.  Nearly 2/3rds were self-employed.  In addition, 94% of those surveyed stated that their home education prepared them to be independent persons, while 79% said it helped them interact with individuals from different levels of society."

There is A LOT MORE information out there than what I’ve posted here today but these were just some of the facts and statistics that stood out to me the most, hope this was helpful or at least shed some new light on the topic!

Henslin, James M. Sociology A Down-To-Earth Approach.  Boston: Pearson, 2007. Print.

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A dessert!  I made a slightly different version of this before so I wanted to try it again but this time I wanted to do a whip cream topping.  Problem was I didn’t have whip cream so I melted some marshmallows and spread them over the pie…pretty crazy, it’s risky to try to work with sticky, gooey mallows but I like to live life on the edge ;-D so I went for it.  Paid off cuz it was YUMMERS! and my hubby even said it was bomb dot com so there ya go

1 premade chocolate pie crust

1 box sugar free chocolate pudding

2 cups 1% milk (the box directions say 3 cups but whisk only 2 in order to make a richer and thicker consistency)

handful of dark chocolate chips

10 jumbo marshmallows

Just make your pudding, stir in most of the chips, spoon into pie crust, microwave mallows until they puff up, quickly and I mean QUICKLY spread mallow over pie, sprinkle remaining chips on top!

Wrapped some fresh corn in foil, threw it on the grill for about 5 minutes, then topped it with a dollop of lemon cilantro hummus! T’was divine ;-D

Wrapped some fresh corn in foil, threw it on the grill for about 5 minutes, then topped it with a dollop of lemon cilantro hummus! T’was divine ;-D